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candid photographer in chandigarh

Candid Photographer in Chandigarh

Candid photographer in chandigarh

If you are looking for candid wedding photographers in Chandigarh for your wedding day or any kind of event, I must to submit here, that first of all you have to a basic idea or knowledge of Candid wedding photography , you have to know what is candid, candid photography is an unique concept of wedding or you can say it’s a different part of wedding or could be a separate part of any kind of Event. Most of parents or couple have not an idea of candid photography but as you know its in trends now a days every one wants to add candid photography in the package when they goes to book a photographer for the wedding day.

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What is Candid photography

Lets start understand some points of candid photography, However we can do candid photography with any kind of camera lenses its my basic thought. but we ( Photographers ) recommend candid photography with high end cameras and with high end power lenses to capture candid pictures while someone is doing something natural activity and don’t aware that someone looking you for the capture you in his frame to make these picture spacial of the event without eye contact or without disturb you.

It can be a portraits, stage pictures on Jaimala, In Mandup, or vidai when we see some emotional things.

candid pictures are always eye stopping pictures if the take properly. My point is this the photographers take you spacial charges for this photography. One more thing is about candid wedding photography which is make it differ from traditional photography, when a photographer doing traditional photography he want to attention everyone to see into the camera and should be fit into the perfect frame of camera, but candid photography is different there is no attention required but composition angles of click the pic and very important thing is timing of clicking the picture because there is no chance to take same thing again you have only a single chance to take the perfect picture, you have to use your full experience and your skills to have a good or perfect picture every time

candid photographer in chandigarh

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